BISS: Verification

Does this video of an explosion actually come from downtown Istanbul? Is this image of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip real or was it created by artificial intelligence? Has Putin really sent nuclear-armed submarines ready for action to the Baltic Sea, as reported by media worldwide? 


These are exactly the kind of questions that verification expert Oliver Klein has to answer for ZDF every day. In this seminar, you will learn OSINT-techniques and -tools for fact-checking and also geolocation and chronolacation of images and videos - in other words, to answer the question of where and when images were taken. 


The seminar will not only focus on the analysis of image and video files and EXIF data, but you will also learn strategies for search engines, online tools for geodata, sun position, various map services, etc. Also facial recognition and geolocation-tools that work with artificial intelligence will play an important role. 


Speaking of artificial intelligence: the seminar will also cover the question of how to identify AI images. Participants of the workshop can try out the tools and techniques shown right away. The seminar is aimed at journalists, editors, bloggers and anyone involved in the research and publication of information online.


Your lecturer:


Oliver Klein works as fact-checker at public broadcaster ZDF. His focus is the investigative people search and the topic of photo and video verification. In addition to journalists, I also teach criminal police investigators and insurance fraud investigatorsand give presentations on OSINT strategies at international conferences (e.g. "Dataharvest", "Gosintcon", "Netzwerk Recherche").