BISS: Running Github-projects


The web is full of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools, and there are many more to be discovered. Many ideas and programmers do not make it to their own tool website, but share their code on github. From saving a single youtube video to batch downloading entire instagram accounts. Running the code is much easier than coding it. But often the documentation is hard to understand if you have zero coding experience.


In this one-day workshop Claus Hesseling will show you:

  • how to run such code
  • how to avoid common mistakes
  • how to set up Github actions to run your code automatically, e.g. every hour or every day.


 Your lecturer:


Claus Hesseling is a data journalist in the data team of public broadcaster NDR. He works a lot with data: scraping, cleaning, processing, evaluating, visualizing. Claus regularly analyzes large amounts of data and builds pipelines and dashboards. His most important tools are Python, Datawrapper and QGIS. Since 2004 he has been developing workshops and seminars with a focus on research, data journalism, online journalism and cross-media production.

In the academic field, he teaches at the TU Dortmund (statistics/data journalism), at Hamburg Media School and was a lecturer for data journalism at the University of Bremen and at the Institute for Communication Sciences at the University of Münster.