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"Media - partners on the move for democracy, transparency and exchange"

"Media - partners on the move for democracy, transparency and exchange" is

a nine-day program in Berlin organised by the Berlin School of Journalism for journalists from six Eastern Partnership countries. During their stay from November 14th to 22nd ten selected participants will gain insights concerning German media and the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany. This will include lectures and excursions. The participants will also visit institutions and NGOs, which are active in the Eastern Partnership countries, specifically in the media sector.


The participants will work together on articles to be published or broadcasted in the media they are working for at home and on a program web page. By spending time and working together, the journalists can share knowledge of their nation’s media, exchange their experiences and expectations and form networks.


The program is supported by the German Federal Foreign Office program "strengthening cooperation with civil society in the Eastern Partnership countries". Application is only open to English-speaking journalists of all ages from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. They should have at least one year of professional experience. Travel expenses and accommodation will be covered by the program.


In your application please describe both your professional background and the reasons for your application. Furthermore a detailed curriculum vitae is required,

if possible proof of your English proficiency and one or two examples of your journalistic work. Send these documents via e-mail only (pdf, in total not more than 5 MB) to not later than September 20th, 2015. Do not send compressed files (zip/rar). Please send only certificates and recommendations if they appertain to your application (e.g. showing your experience in journalism or international cooperation). Do not send university diplomas, except those concerning your English proficiency.


If you have questions or need further information, please contact the head of program Clemens Schöll:


Medien - Mittler zwischen den Völkern

Die Berliner Journalisten-Schule bietet seit 2003 in Zusammenarbeit mit der Robert-Bosch-Stiftung jungen Journalisten aus Mittel- und Osteuropa die Gelegenheit zu einem Studien- und Redaktionsaufenthalt in Berlin.


Die Idee

Die Medien sollen das Zusammenwachsen Europas verantwortungsbewusst begleiten. Dazu müssen die Journalisten Gelegenheit bekommen, über die Grenzen ihres Landes hinauszublicken.

Das Programm

Logo Medienmittler Austauschprogramm

Die "Medien-Mittler" aus Mittel- und Osteuropa reisen zu einem dreimonatigen Studien- und Arbeitsaufenthalt nach Berlin. Im Gegenzug bekommen deutsche Journalisten mit guten Kenntnissen der jeweiligen Landessprache Stipendien für Redaktionsaufenthalte in vielen Ländern Mittel- und Osteuropas. Alle Teilnehmer des Programms erhalten für die Zeit ein Stipendium von monatlich 1100 Euro.


Weitere Informationen zu dem Austauschprogramm finden Sie auf der Homepage unter